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At Plaza CDJR we value our customer relationships above all. We want you to know we work with you to ensure you have the best experience and get a vehicle built to last. We are a family owned corporation and we want you to feel like part of that family.

As a family we encourage you to speak with our General Manager if you don’t have a great experience at Plaza CDJR. Working to help our customers is our top priority and if there are any problems, we will fix it with you and determine the best way to keep you satisfied.

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The Plaza CDJR reputation

Feel free to check out our reviews and see how we hold up or use the About Us tab to learn more about who we are at Plaza Chrysler Doge Jeep Ram. We are fast and reliable and we are here to help you every step of the way. We know car-buying can be a difficult process and we employ efforts to make sure you don’t experience any of that difficulty.

Our relationship with our customers is highlighted in our impeccable service and start to finish support. We won’t let you go without the support you need and we offer the Plaza Promise: a 3-day satisfaction guarantee, to give you everything you want, and fix what you don’t want.

At Plaza CDJR we also employ a one customer, one relationship, one act of service to give you the buying experience you want and keep you satisfied for years. We listen to you first to get your perfect vehicle vision before ever offering suggestions to keep your process on track and avoid communication barriers.

We know you time is important and we plan to keep it a forefront of our process. All of us have a lot to deal with and car-buying shouldn’t be the stressful process we see it as today. At Plaza CDJR, we want to respect you buy utilizing transparency and keeping everything on your terms. We learn from your feedback and we want to serve the Inverness community more than anything else.

Experience the Plaza Promise by contacting us and learn more about exactly how we are improving the car buying process and our community.

You’ll also enjoy all the incentives we offer including free first oil change on any new or pre-owned vehicle purchase or lease, express service, free car wash with every service, free WiFi, free refreshments while you wait in the service area, free shuttle service so you don’t have to wait, and loaner vehicles at your convenience!

Reviews at Plaza CDJR

Don’t hesitate! If you have any issues at all please feel free to contact our GM to find the best solution for you and keep our influence going with an in depth and cooperative client relationship offered exclusively at Plaza Chrysler Doge Jeep Ram in Inverness, FL, one mile from downtown in Citrus County.