Five Reasons Why Jeep Cherokee Safety Is Top Of The Line

January 21st, 2020 by

Whether you’re cruising around town or taking a high-mileage trip, you can count on Jeep Cherokee to get you there safely. With cutting-edge technology built-in, Jeep Cherokee is the most reliable in preventing you from accidents and keeping you protected in the event of an unexpected collision. Below are just five of the many reasons why we are proud to serve our clients with the amazing safety standards of Jeep Cherokee.

Do Away with Blind Spots

Be the one that sees things differently thanks to Jeep’s rear cross path detection and blind-spot monitoring systems. Prevent possible collisions with Jeep’s rear cross path detection. When you put your vehicle in reverse, it will automatically engage its rear cross path detection and detect oncoming traffic. Expect the same performance from your blind-spot monitoring feature. Take the guess out of switching lanes. Your Jeep’s blind-spot monitoring will immediately alert you when other vehicles are driving in your blind spots, making the roads safer for everyone.


The Jeep Cherokee offers interior and exterior safety features that are tough-as-nails! Rugged and reliable, your Jeep is constructed with a reinforced super tough steel frame which ensures that crash force is directed away from your cabin upon impact. On the interior expect to find seven built-in airbags to keep you and your family save from impact coming from any direction.

No More Unintentional Lane Drifts

It’s scary how easily drivers may be come distracted while on the road. Ensure that you are staying safe and on your course with Jeep’s LaneSense. Imagine you are driving on the highway and your vehicle begins to move out of its lane unintentionally. LaneSense will alert you immediately. What happens if the LaneSense warning is not enough and your vehicle keeps moving off course? Jeep’s Lane Keep Assist will automatically jump into action and correctly guide your vehicle back into its lane.

Perfect Parking

Thanks to Jeep’s smart parking technology, you can also keep your passengers and vehicle safe while at rest. This particular parking technology makes parallel parking and sneaking into even the most compact spaces a breeze. Built into the vehicle’s dash, top of the line sensors and visual cues make you a parking pro by allowing you to enter and exit the vehicle more safely and avoid potential parking lot dents.

Forward Crash Prevention

Prevent an impending crash with Jeep’s forward-collision warning (FCW) system with active braking. The FCW system is an advanced technology that warns the driver visually and audibly if they are nearing a vehicle too quickly. If needed, the vehicle will come to a full stop.

Life is full of unexpected turns but one thing you can come to count on is the safety of your Jeep Cherokee. Drive confidently knowing that these top-of-the-line features are keeping you, your loved ones and other drivers’ safe on the road. So, go ahead and enjoy the journey and trust that Jeep Cherokee’s safety features will keep you feeling secure on your next Jeep expedition.

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